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Customs-brokerage services

Our company can offer customers the services of customs clearance as an integrated approach in the implementation of import-export operations, as self-organize this work within their own companies, in most cases the customer is very difficult, due to the specifics of this activity that involves working with customs authorities in the regulated legal framework and thus it requires considerable financial and labor costs.

Import and export processes are regulated by the Customs Code, in other words it is a complex procedure, perform the necessary formalities prescribed by the relevant regulations arising from the movement of cargo / goods across the border, as well as in case of change of the customs regime. The procedure for registration of export / import transactions of import / export of goods is strictly regulated by tax and customs legislation. Even before the carriage of the goods from us, customers receive clarifications on the procedure for registration, the need to obtain licenses or authorizations, the forecast cost possible. If necessary, our specialists will perform your representatives at customs in various related organizations, including certification bodies, the Ministry of Defense in the presence of dual-use goods.

We deliver to customers custom clearance finished goods. Working with us,                  you get a reliable partner who provides good service.